Tapezierermeister Erich Mischek - Tapezieren  Malen  Böden - Qualität seit über 30 Jahren in Wien
Call us - Tapezierermeister Erich Mischek and his team is always there for you ! Paper hanger, paper walls, paint, flooring, laminate, floor or carpet Professional for your home!
Quality since over 30 years
in Vienna!

Phone:  01/894 54 03

You would like to beautify your home, planning a renovation, but the preparatory work and rework keep you from?
phone: 01/894 54 03
No problem, we
• vacate of the furniture,
• take down curtains and lights
• cover floors and inventory
• paper, paint, assemble cornices and lay floors
• after finishing work, we grant everything again    and install everything again.

It is located further away from our company or have little time to go into many shops?
No problem,
• Tapezierermeister Erich Mischek advice you at your home. This cost you nothing and is also non-binding. whether paper walls, paint, flooring, lay laminate, plastic floor or carpet
• He also brings you the current collections for walls and floors (wallpaper, parquet, laminate, carpets) and an extensive color chart to paint with.
• You can see the collections resting comfortably at home and compare ist with your existing equipment under the existing lighting conditions.
• And Tapezierermeister Erich Mischek works in all districts  of Vienna and the surrounding area without setting off a travel time.

You want to get an overview of the costs?
No problem,
• receive a free estimate, the commit you to anything
• our estimate is fixed. You pay to the penny exactly what fixed on the estimate (of course only for the same performance)

We would love to be your contact Person!

Please call us, Tapezierermeister Erich Mischek and his team are always there for you!


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